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Science Faculty

HEAD OF FACULTY & Teacher-in-charge of Science
Ms C Rodgers

Teacher of Science
Mrs Z Rourke
Miss A Hunt
Mrs T J Long
Mr S Lee

Brief introduction to the Faculty
The Science Faculty aims to provide all pupils with an understanding and interest for the subject, linking it to everyday situations and the world of work.  We provide many opportunities for students to participate in practical investigations to encourage them to produce and analyse their own data, to make conclusions from results and write up scientific reports.  Pupils are also encouraged to debate ethical issues that face Scientist and Society due to new scientific developments and the impact that humans are having on the environment.

At KS3 the focus is on the development and use of the scientific skills.

At KS4, pupils have the opportunity to achieve 2 GCSE grades in Science.
This is either in Double Award Science or Double Award Applied Science.


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Twitter:  @aths_science