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Teacher-in-charge of Spanish
Ms C F Teixeira


Spanish is a new and exciting language that has been added to our curriculum!
We have a newly appointed 'teacher-in-charge' who is about to embark on the introduction of Spanish at our school. Ms Teixeira, is an enthusiastic languages teacher with a passion for Spanish. We have always offered Spanish to our feeder Primary Schools as part of our very successful Project Aspire, and we are now in a position to offer this language throughout Key Stage 3 and 4.

The Modern Foreign Languages department pride themselves on fantastic GCSE results consistently being achieved by pupils in Key Stage 4, and we are excited to see the impact Spanish has on our already fantastic results in the years to come. Our engaging and challenging lessons throughout the faculty, ensure that our learners’ leave Afon Tâf equipped with the language skills needed to progress into the world of work, and broaden their horizons when looking for future careers / higher education.

We believe that pupils should be given the opportunity to use their language skills in a real-life setting, and as a result, we offer extra-curricular activities and trips to reinforce classroom learning. We hope to be in the position to offer trips to Spain / Spanish speaking countries annually as we have been doing with French. We have a very strong link with Cardiff University to ensure our pupils have high aspirations and become familiar with Higher Education from a young age.

Pupils study National Curriculum at Key Stage 3 and then WJEC GCSE qualifications at Key Stage 4.