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Science Faculty

HEAD OF FACULTY & Teacher-in-charge of Science
Ms C Rodgers

Teacher of Science
Mrs G Edwards
Mr S Lee
Mr T Lewis
Mrs T J Long
Mrs Z Rourke

Brief introduction to the Faculty
The Science Faculty aims to provide all pupils with an understanding and interest for the subject, linking it to everyday situations and the world of work. We provide many opportunities for students to participate in practical investigations to encourage them to produce and analyse their own data, to make conclusions from results and write up scientific reports. Pupils are also encouraged to debate ethical issues that face Scientist and Society due to new scientific developments and the impact that humans are having on the environment.

At KS3 the focus is on the development and use of the scientific skills.

At KS4, pupils have the opportunity to achieve 2 GCSE grades in Science.
This is either in Double Award Science or Double Award Applied Science.


Useful links
Dynamic Learning
Khan Academy
Grade Gorilla
BBC Bitesize Science

Twitter: @aths_science

Year 10 Biology Year 11 Biology
Topic 1: Cells and movement across cell membranes Topic 1: Classification and Biodiversity
Topic 2: Respiration and the respiratory system in humans Topic 2: Cell division and Stem Cells
Topic 3: Digestion and the digestive system Topic 3: DNA and Inheritance
Topic 4: The Circulatory system in humans Topic 4: Variation and Evolution
Topic 5: Plants and photosynthesis Topic 5: Response and Regulation
Topic 6: Ecosystems, nutrient cycles and human impact on te environment Topic 6: Disease, Defence & Treatment
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Year 10 Chemistry Year 11 Chemistry
Atomic Structure Revision Flashcards

Metallic Bonding Flashcards

Group I Metals Revision Flashcards Ionic Bonding Flashcards
Group I Reactions with Group VII Halogens [video] Metallic Bonding Flashcards
Testing for chemicals
Group 0. The Noble gases
Year 10 Physics Year 11 Physics
Unit 3.1: Electric Circuits Distance , Speed and Acceleration Flashcards
Unit 3.2: Generating Electricity Newton's Laws Flashcards
Unit 3.3: Domestic Electricity Work done and Energy Transfers Flashcards
Unit 3.4: Features of Waves Stars and Planets Flashcards
Types of Radiation
Applied Science Flashcards [Biology]
Unit 1.1.1: The Cell and Respiration
Unit 1.1.2: Obtaining materials for Respiration
Unit 2.1.2: World of Life
Unit 2.1.3: Transfer and Recycling of Nutrients
Unit 2.2: Protecting our Environment
Unit 2.3.1: Factors affecting Human Health
Unit 2.3.3: Fighting Disease
Unit 3.2.1: Producing Food
Unit 3.2.2: Food Processing and Spoilage
Applied Science Flashcards [Chemistry]
Unit 1: Atomic Structure
Unit 1: Group I Metals Revision
Unit 3: Ionic Bonding
Unit 3: Metallic Bonding
Applied Science Flashcards [Physics]
Unit 1.2.1: Underpinning Energy Concepts
Unit 1.2.2: Generating Electricity
Unit 1.2.3: Making use of Electricity
Unit 1.2.4: Building Electric Circuits
Unit 2.1.1: Our place in the Universe
Unit 2.3.2: Diagnosis and Treatment
Unit 3.1: Materials for Purpose
Unit 3.4.2: Controlling Nuclear Reactions