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Pupil Representatives 2019-20

Head Boy & Head Girl 2019-20
-  Ieuan and Kallie  -


Head Boy: 
Hello. My name is Ieuan.  I'm 15 years old.  I joined Afon Tâf in 2015 after attending Abercanaid Primary School.  I am currently studying History, ICT and Geography.I am honoured to be chosen as Head Boy for this school year.  I hope I can give something back to the School after all it has done for me.

Head Girl:
Hello, My name is Kallie.  I am 15 years old.  I attended Troedryhiw Primary School.
I also joined Afon Tâf High School in 2015.  For my GCSE's I'm currently studying Art, History and ICT.  This School has allowed me to maximise my potential.  I'm hopeful the favour will be returned during my role as Head Girl.