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Product Design

Teacher of Product Design
Mrs J Coccimiglio
Miss E Reid

WJEC GCSE Design Technology
[Product Design]

The WJEC GCSE in Design and Technology offers a unique opportunity in the curriculum for learners to identify and solve real problems by designing and making products or systems. Through studying GCSE Design and Technology, learners will be prepared to participate confidently and successfully in an increasingly technological world; and be aware of, and learn from, wider influences on design and technology, including historical, social/cultural, environmental and economic factors. Learners are provided with the opportunity to work with a range of materials, develop drawing skills and use ICT.

The two elements of the course consist of:

Unit 1: Design and Technology in the 21st Century
Written examination: 2 hours. 50% of qualification

A mix of short answer, structured and extended writing questions assessing candidates' knowledge and understanding.

Unit 2: Design and make task
Non-exam assessment: approximately 35 hours. 50% of qualification

A sustained design and make task, based on a contextual challenge set by WJEC, assessing candidates' ability to:

  • identify, investigate, analyse and outline design possibilities;
  • design and make prototypes and evaluate their fitness for purpose.