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Mathematics FACULTY

Teacher-in-charge of Mathematics
Mr J Astley

Raising Standards Leader for Mathematics
Mr S Campbell

Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs L Baynham-Plant
Mr P Cooksley
Mrs C Cullen
Ms C A Griffiths
Mr K Hamer
Mrs R Wiltshire

Numeracy Intervention
Mrs S Parker
Mrs S Wickham

Brief introduction to the Faculty
Mathematics is an area that all students can thrive in. The Mathematics department tries to ensure that the subject is accessible to all. We endeavour to do this by passing on our love of the subject through engaging lessons; by ensuring student progress is monitored and by providing opportunities for extra-curricular activities throughout the subject that students will enjoy. We encourage students to become independent learners through a range of different teaching styles, questioning techniques and problem solving activities.

We aim to provide all students with the opportunities to develop the skills that are so essential in today’s work place: problem-solving skills, communication skills and the ability to work with others. Pupils follow the National Curriculum at KS3 and then go on to study two GCSEs in Mathematics at KS4.

Qualifications offered
Two Mathematics GCSEs; Mathematics and Mathematics Numeracy.
Pupils will be required to sit both examinations.


GCSE Mathematics will build on, and progress from, the levels of Mathematics expected at the end of KS3 through the National Curriculum Programme of Study for Mathematics. Whilst GCSE in Mathematics Numeracy will assess the Mathematics that learners will need in their everyday lives, in the world of work and in other general curriculum areas; GCSE Mathematics will extend to aspects of Mathematics needed for progression to scientific, technical or further Mathematical study.

In addition, both GCSEs are now examined in three tiers as follows:

Foundation: Grades D - G
Intermediate: Grades B - E
Higher: Grades A* - C

Further information can be found here:
GCSE Mathematics [WJEC]

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