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Teacher-in-charge of History
Mrs K L Morgan

Teacher of History
Mr G G Thomas

The History department is dedicated to inspiring young minds with a passion and understanding of the past and its impact upon the present. The department prides itself on delivering interesting, thought provoking lessons which are modified and changed to meet individual needs. The department regularly goes on educational visits and offers many experiences outside the classroom to really bring history to life.

We approach history in a chronological format beginning with medieval England and Wales in Year 7, the Tudors and slavery in year 8 and the twentieth century in Year 9. In Key Stage 4 both British and international history is covered from 1920s America to medicine through time. The acquirement of skills is a primary focus, particularly evaluation, analysis interpretation, knowledge and understanding as well as communication. These skills are introduced in year 7 and form the basis of external assessments at GCSE.

At Key Stage 4 pupils study the USA 1910-1929. Pupils consider the main problems and challenges facing American society during the period, the major economic problems and the development of American culture and society. Topics include, immigration, religion and race, crime and corruption and the economic boom and bust. Pupils also complete a British history study in depth. This option focuses in depth on selected themes and issues relating to the history of depression, war and recovery during the period 1930-1951. Pupils also complete a thematic unit on the main trends in the history of health and medicine in Britain from c.1340 to the present day. Finally, pupils complete these two non-examined assessment tasks:

Some historians argue that Jack the Ripper was not caught because of police failures. How valid is this interpretation of the failure to catch Jack the Ripper

The lives of people in the East End of London were very difficult towards the end of the nineteenth century. How useful and reliable are these sources in showing how difficult life was for the inhabitants of the East End?

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