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Head Boy
Hello, my name is Max.  I am 15 years old and I am the current Head Boy of Afon Tâf
I attended Edwardsville Primary School and joined Afon Tâf in 2014.  The subjects I am currently studying for GSCE are History, Physical Education and Art.  Becoming Head Boy of Afon Tâf was a huge achievement for me and I am grateful for everything that the school has done for me.

Head Girl
Hello, my name is Bella.  I am the current Head Girl of Afon Tâf.  I attended Troedyrhiw Primary School and joined Afon Tâf in 2014.  I am studying Art, French and History at GCSE.  I am grateful to the school for offering me the role of Head Girl and providing me with skills useful for the future.


Our School Council... is a great opportunity for pupils to get involved in the running of our school. Afon Tâf’s School Council was formed in the Spring term of 2005.

Afon Taf respects the rights of all pupils.  Through the School Council Afon Tâf demonstrates to our pupils that they have the right to be consulted and that their opinions and ideas are important to the school decision-making process.

Afon Tâf's School Council 2018-19