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Additional Learning Needs

Mrs H Searle

ALN Intervention Officer
Mrs J Oates

LSAs [Learning Resource Base]
Joanne Evans
Kaylea Phillips
Leon O'Leary
Rebekah Powell

Estelle Bernhard-Grout
Tracey Bunce
Zoe Thomas

Wellbeing Officer
Mrs Beverley Thomas

Brief introduction to Additional Learning Needs [ALN]
All teachers are teachers of ALN. We recognise it is the teacher's responsibility to meet the needs of all children in their class through their classroom organisation, teaching materials, teaching style and differentiation.
However, if the pupil does not make adequate progress even when teaching approaches are targeted at a pupil's identified area of difficulty, then the pupil may be identified as having ALN.

All pupils are entitled to a balanced and broadly based curriculum. All staff at Afon Tâf High School strive to ensure that teaching arrangements and strategies are fully inclusive. The majority of pupils will have their needs met through normal classroom arrangements and appropriate differentiation. Additional school-based short-term interventions to support learning may include: withdrawal support for both reading and spelling; targeted group spelling; handwriting; Literacy and Numeracy Catch –Up sessions. All staff are responsible for identifying pupils with ALN. The ALNCo will work with staff to ensure that those pupils who may need additional or different support are identified at an early stage.


ALN legislation in effect from September 2021


The Additional Learning Needs Co-ordinator (ALNCo)
Afon Tâf's ALNCo is Mrs H Searle.
Mrs Searle can be contacted by telephoning the school office.

Mrs Searle's responsibilities include:

  • Co-ordinating provision for pupils with ALN;
  • Liaising with and advising fellow teachers to support learners with ALN;
  • Line managing Learning Support Assistants (LSAs) responsible for any aspect of ALN;
  • Liaising with parents of pupils with ALN;
  • Liaising with the Junior/Secondary School ALNCos', Educational Psychologists, Specialist teachers, School Nurse, Speech and Language Therapists, School Counsellors, Behaviour Support Teachers and other Health Service and Social Service professionals; and meeting regularly with other ALNCos' in the county to identify and share best practice.


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